AeroplanPlus Gold Bonus to drop by March 31?

AeroplanPlus Gold Bonus to drop by March 31?

Points may drop from 30K to 20K

NOTE – APRIL 2: Looks like it was just a rumour … bonus points no longer count for Distinction but the referred bonus has stayed at 30K. The non-referred bonus has gone up to 25K from 20K until July 14th but it’s still better to get referred.

It’s just a rumour for the moment but there is the possiblilty that the Amex AeroplanPlus Gold Bonus may drop back to the regular 20K points. Hopefully this is not true but the possibility must be considered. The date provided was March 31, 2014.

The Aeroplan Plus Gold card is also currently free for the first year as are supplemental cards. After the first year the card is $120 for the primary and $50 for supplemental cards. You can cancel this card after 6 months if you don’t wish to pay the annual fee. The card earns 1 Aeroplan point per $ for the first $10K spent, and 1.25AP per $ thereafter.

If you are not referred by someone with the card then the bonus is currently 20K Aeroplan points. However, there is an added 10K (30K) total if you are referred by someone with an card of the Amex Aeroplan family (AeroplanPlus, AeroplanPlus Gold, AeroplanPlus Platinum).

The only official word from Amex is that the AeroplanPlus Gold bonus may be Aeroplan Distinction eligible until April 1, 2014. If you don’t already have this card it might be better to err on the side of caution and get it, as the bonus is one of the best available in Canada. The bonus is awarded after spending at least $500 in the first three months after acceptance.

Get Referred Now for Points and Distinction

If you have a friend or family member with the Amex Aeroplan Gold card have them send you a recommendation through their account. You will get an extra 10K points and your friend or family member will get an extra 10K as well (15K if they have a the AeroplanPlus Platinum card). If you don’t know anyone with the card you can use my Amex AeroplanPlus Gold referral to get the bonus 10K (I won’t complain about any extra points :-) ).

Once you have your card you can start to refer friends and family right away to get bonus points. There is no need to make your minimum spend for the 30K points before you start referring. If the rumour is true then you and your friends/family can get the extra points. If the rumour isn’t true, then you should at least have Aeroplan Distinction eligibility.

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