Disney World Without The Wait

Disney World Without the Wait

It is possible to visit Disney World without spending half your time in line. All it takes is a bit of planning and a willingness to get up in the morning!

My 2nd round with Disney World in the past three years went swimmingly well. There was no need to wait more than five minutes for any attraction in eight days (not counting for shows) and now that I’ve ended up helping plan vacations for two friends I decided it would be easier to blog about it.

Quite frankly, I don’t need to as long as there is easywdw.com. The blogger, Josh, seems to spend half his days at Disney World and does a far better job of it than I.

The Best Way To Visit Disney World

Sign up For Everything Disney

Disney sends out PIN codes to certain people. These codes are for offers not available to the general public. The offers may be released to the general public, perhaps with more restrictions and certainly with less availability. How Disney determines who gets PIN codes is a bit of a mystery but Disney does need your email address at a bare minimum. Ask for the promotional DVD. Create a Disney account and make some trial bookings. Sign up for the Disney video club. Do anything that lets Disney know you are interested. I’ve managed to get a few PIN codes and have used them twice for a free Dining Plan. The person who the PIN code must be on any tripped booked, even if for just one day – so if grandma gets a PIN and doesn’t want to go then too bad. With a PIN code you can book up to 3 rooms. The rooms need to be at the same resort and the bookings have to overlap but other than that the bookings can be different.

Show up early

This is the most important rule – if you show up 45 minutes before the scheduled opening time you will be at the front of the queue and you will have minimal waits for everything right up until 11:00am – even at crazy times like Christmas.

Follow the crowd calendars.

Josh can tell you one year in advance what the crowds levels will be and what the most favourable park to visit is on any given day – there is a huge difference between least and most favourable even on the low crowd days.

Follow the cheat sheets

The Cheat Sheets will help you know which ride to take when – some rides get crowded quickly because of slow load times and low capacity. Book fastpasses 60 days out according to cheat sheets – don’t waste them on rides with no line ups.

Book table service restaurants

Book Disney World restaurants 180 days in advance (180+10 if you stay at a Disney resort). You need to do this to get Cinderella’s Royal Table … other restaurants may be less extreme but some still require several months in advance booking. Book Be Our Guest quick service as a free fastpass (doesn’t count as one of your three per day) – you may not get the invitation with your booking until the choice times are booked … it’s fun to walk past the hoards who are waiting.

Enjoy Disney World at Night

The highlights are the Fireworks, like Wishes and Illuminations, as well as Fantasmic and the Main Street Electrical Parade. Besides these you should do the following at night, because they are way better in the dark: Jungle Cruise, Tomorrowland Transit Authority/People Mover, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse & Astro Orbitor.

Summing Up

If you follow those step you should have an easy time of it … provided you can wake everyone up in time.

Disney is a bit off my normal preference of travel but I still like it … and they do a few things very well: customer service, line management, the little details.

Fireworks at Disney World

Fireworks at Disney World

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