Mini RTW Aeroplan Reward Information

Mini RTW Aeroplan Reward Information

The background information on the Mini RTW Database is kept separate from the Mini RTW List in order to simplify that page for queries.

Current Status of the Mini RTW Aeroplan Reward list

All trips have been entered (except certain ones that should not have been ticketed). Some of the data about particular trips was not available and so is missing. Some of the destination zone for awards I’m not certain of.  If there are errors or missing data please either send me a private message to IamI on FlyerTalk or send an email to webmaster for this domain.

There is a form for searching trips with up to 3 cities (IATA code only) and/or countries. The results will show only trips that have ALL the cities and countries selected so some searched may return no results. If a city or country isn’t in the drop down list then it doesn’t appear in any trip.

You can also filter out up to 3 airlines. This is a NEGATIVE filter. Any trips with the airlines you selected won’t be shown. When time allows there may be filters for start and destination zones and reward types (F,J,Y). This will likely wait until I can clean up the look of the filters so that it doesn’t take up so much room.

Features of the mini RTW List

The tables of mini RTW Aeroplan reward trips are hot linked to the Great Circle Mapper web site to show the flight paths and there are hover hints for airline names, airplane types and the airport of each leg. All trips are linked back to the original Flyer talk posting for each trip.

Some mini RTW Aeroplan reward trips are re-bookings. Those that are have a reference to the previous booking and the date of the original booking (actually the date of the posting if a booking date wasn’t provided). Some mini RTW Aeroplan reward trips are posted well after they were booked. If the information is available then the original booking date is provided. This will help you understand the number of points redeemed per person in terms of the rules at that time. If time allows I would like to auto-calculate the current points requirement and if I can figure YQ out I might even try to add that.

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