Scotiabank Gold Amex Bonus Extended to June

Scotiabank Gold Amex Bonus Extended

The Scoop

The March 31st deadline for the Scotiabank Gold Amex card has been bumped. Scotiabank wasn’t on the ball the morning of April 1st and continued to have their 15K point, first year free offer with the date of March 31st. What would normally have been thought of as an April Fools joke appeared that afternoon. The deadline was extended to June 31st 2014. Seriously! I’m not certain what calendar they are using but here’s the screenshot:

ScotiaBank Gold Amex Date Error

The competition amongst travel cards in Canada is certainly the strongest it’s been. BMO extended their deadline recently and CIBC removed the deadline for their Aventura based cards.

The ScotiaBank Gold Amex Bonus

The current bonus is 15 000 points with the first year fee waived. ScotiaBank points have a straightforward value of 1 cent per point. They function just like the points from the TD First Class Infinite and the Capital One Aspire in that you buy travel and your card and redeem points afterwards for a fixed value. If you are just hunting for bonuses there are far better offers and this one is probably not worth the credit hit.

Targeted Offers for the ScotiaBank Gold Amex

A number of people have received pre-approvals from ScotiaBank with an added $300 bonus. If you get one of these offers you should jump on it. A $450 sign up bonus with the first year free is huge.

Worth Holding On To?

With 4x points on gas, groceries, dining and entertainment this is a strong card if your grocery store accepts Amex and/or you spend enough in those areas to justify the $99 annual fee. The competition is the TD First Class Infinite and the Capital One Aspire. The TD First Class Infinite offers a 1.5% return on all purchases and 3%/4.5% on phone/internet booked travel with TD. That card has a slightly higher fee at $120 which is waived if you have an All Inclusive account. The Capital One Aspire also has a $120 fee but with 10K points awarded every year you are only paying $20. It provides a 2% return in the form of points on all purchases.

From a points perspective the ScotiaBank Gold Amex card is great if your grocery store takes Amex, if you eat out a lot, use a lot of gas and go out to shows frequently. The additional features, especially the travel insurance, are excellent.

Should You Get The ScotiaBank Gold Amex Card?

If you can get this card with the $300 pre-approval then without question you should sign up for the card. If you spend a lot on gas, restaurants and entertainment and your grocery store takes Amex then you should sign up even if you don’t get the pre-approval bonus.

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