Travel Bonus Points

Aeroplan Travel Bonus Points

Amex Aeroplan Canada – currently you get bonus miles by using a referral when requesting a card. The Amex AeroplanPlus Gold is a great deal with a 30K Aeroplan sign-up bonus (normally 20K without) if you spend $500 in the first three months and the fee is waived for the first year. Also, until April 1, 2014 the bonus points count for Aeroplan Distinction, getting you at least Silver status.

The Amex AeroplanPlus Platinum gets you 51K travel bonus points in the form of Aeroplan miles but costs $499. If the benefits are interesting to you then go for it, but the regular Amex Platinum card is a much better deal.

This may not be the best card for getting points from everyday spending but it is worth a few minutes to apply for the card and then meet the minimum spend to get that bonus (one of the highest for a first year free card in Canada). Even if you never redeem with Air Canada/Star Alliance, the points are worth $210 or more in gift cards (not the best use of points, but for someone who never flies, it’s free).

How will it affect your Canadian credit rating? That depends what your credit rating is and if you plan to get a mortgage or line of credit in the next year. In the long term, the advice I’ve seen is that three credit cards (not more or fewer) is best for maximizing your credit score. For someone with a long credit history and a great credit rating (750+), 1-2 credit cards every 6 months will only be a blip on your score (but stop a year before getting a mortgage or loan so it looks good to human eyes),


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